Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Of talking it out, iced coffee and control

I met a friend for a drink today at Pavilion after work and we got to talking about a couple of stuff. I ordered an iced grande 5 pump caramel coffee - my all-time favorite. and no, it's not nearly as complicated as it sounds.

At one point during the chat, I had the feeling of dejavu. I could hear myself saying the same thing I always say in similar conversations in the past. "I think you should talk about it". I realized that I say this a lot. and i mean a lot. a-little-too-much a lot. I say it to death a lot. Ok, you got the idea. The reason I do this is because I truly believe that talking things out is one of the best ways to sort things out. Obviously you're not gonna magically fix everything just by talking, but it will give you an insight to a deeper sense of a mutual understanding. Maybe not every single time, but I'm convinced that you'll discover more, good or bad. And I do this a lot. I'm very accustomed to talking things out with people I work with, friends and family and am glad to say that it more often worked than not. So I guess am gonna stay a fan of talking things out for a while longer, at least. Hehehe.....

I also think that talking things out kinda gives you control. Cos the more you know, the more informed you become. And knowledge is power! Well at least that's what's written on most school walls...hehe. But control can also be messy. I'm sure everybody appreciate a certain sense of freedom. But we also like being in control don't we? In the end, I think it boils down to our willingness to accommodate and compromise. But nobody, nobody at all, should force us to accommodate or compromise. It should be our own birth right.

Except for LOVE. Cos LOVE aint' just a nobody.