Monday, November 23, 2009

Of thieves, dolls and a wicked nurse

For the past few weeks, I have been watching several TV series on DVDs. Most of them, I like, others are, well, average.

Hawthorne - I've always been a fan of Jada Pinkett Smith ever since I saw Set it Off, but this series took a long while before it pulls me in. And then it let me go again. There are some really good sad scenes, but seriously lacking funny moments. And then there's the hair. Big. Way too big.

Party Down - This one's cool. Quirky lines and characters. Half-an-hour episodes packed with cool scenes and bad (as in good) lines! Soup and Crackers anyone?

Leverage - I liked this one right away from the pilot episode. I especially like Parker (cool name for a girl!). They've got some cool mission too, it reminds me of some scenes from Alias (Hope J.J. Abrams make a movie out of it one day!)

Dollhouse - Eliza Dushku rocks!!! I liked Tru Calling, but it got cancelled. And after a couple of episodes, especially after seeing Sierra in action, I got hooked on this too! And then came the news............................CANCELLED!! Bloody hell. But at least we'll get to see season two. Not sure what good that'll do though, knowing the excitement will be short-lived.

Nurse Jackie - Now this one's oozing with fun!! I cracked a laugh (big one!) early on in the pilot episode. Crazy (not mental crazy.....or maybe a little bit) , drug-dependant chief nurse who's married at home, and single at work. And a killer character in the form of a student nurse, clad in pink uniform, trailing Jackie and kept wanting to give her a hug. Classic fun! Well, my kinda fun anyway. The whole first season is filled with lots of scenes and lines that are funny, sad, quirky (there's that word again), evil, and bloody (well it does take place in a hospital!).

And Nurse Jackie scores!! and she snorts!! Hahaha!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Of making friends, losing them and missing games

I haven't written in a while. Been meaning to, but could never get my fingers to tap on the right keys. I'd call it a writer's block, except, I'm not a writer. So let's just settle for good ol' lazyness.

Over the last few months, a lot has taken place. I've discovered that I had to give up one thing or another. It's not easy, but then, life never is. The ground rules in the real world is never like the ones you set in class. So, while I make new friends, I had to let some go :(

I also went through an angry phase. I was really mad towards certain party's behaviors, in retrospect. But I've calmed down since. But the feeling is not all lost......just laying dormant for now......waiting.

On a lighter-but-still-not-happy note, I've been missing my badminton game for the most part of the year. Not good! Not good at all! It started with the elbow injury / torn muscle thing, and then made worse by my work trips, which will continue till year end. So I suppose by the time I pick that racket of mine up again, it'll be post new year toast. It's so depressing.

I need a hug.......