Friday, July 31, 2009

Of procrastination, black out and camping out

I was in Kuching since Wednesday this week and had just got back to KL today. As usual, the first thing I did as I enter my apartment was to switch on the fan. The fan didn't move. And so I flicked the switched again. and again. and then again. Nothing. I went out and saw the neighbors lights switched on. I said to myself "It can't be the bill cos payment was done earlier this week".

So I went to the management office to check. The lady behind the counter asked "Have you changed your meter to your name?" I said "No". She then said "The developer has instructed TNB to remove your meter and now you have to go to TNB and make the name change" After many Q&A later, I resigned to the fact that there's nothing this lady can do to help me, and the only solution is to go to TNB and do just what she said to me.

I called the developer's office, asking how come I wasn't informed about the drastic action that was gonna take place, the man on the line said there were. After several Q&A later, I realized it was going nowhere and I just have to go to TNB office. So I bought RM10 setem hasil, photocopied my IC and flew to TNB. I got there a few minutes late. The door was locked, the counter was closed. And the guy with the gun wasn't gonna let me in even after I half-begged him. That was that.

Since the office is closed on weekend, I will now brave the next 3 (or more, depending on how long it'll take them to re-connect the meter) nights in darkness. Without A/C. Without TV. Without DVDs. Sigh.

I was mad and angry, and I eventually realized that I should be angry at myself. Cos this was all me. My product. I procrastinated. Like I always do. And I frakking hate it.

I'm writing this post at Starbucks GEM; 2 Iced Venti Passion Tea and counting.

Bought candles and am gonna spend my nights in solitude and self-reflect.

Or I might just go and watch movies now till Sunday night!!!

Will I ever learn???

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Of Yasmin Ahmad

I was at Delucca last night with Jazzy and Azhar, watching Chandra performing on stage with Zailan Razak Project. It was great seeing Chandra perform again after seeing him last at The Alexis bistro in Ampang.

Mid-performance, Zailan made an announcement, and asked us, the audience, to dedicate a moment of silence in respect of Yasmin Ahmad's passing. The news was heart-breaking. And it still is.

I have not seen Yasmin's past movies (regrettably) but I did catch Talentime when it was showing at MBO Ampang with Wan. The movie was deeply moving and heartfelt and it left me in tears. And then there are those tv adverts which, as short as it was, touched the very core of emotions, reminding us of the importance of giving and loving without judgement, which is often overlooked and forgotten.

Kita hanya mampu merancang, Tuhan penentu segala. Semoga roh mu dicucuri rahmat Allah (s.w.t.)

The song Pergi will always remind me of you:

Sayu, terpisah
Hikayat indah kini hanya tinggal sejarah
Berhembus angin rindu
Begitu nyamannya terhidu wangian kasihmu

Hujan lebat mencurah kini
Bagaikan tiada henti
Kaulah laguku - kau irama terindah
Tak lagi ku dengari
kau pergi......pergi

Sepi, tanpa kata
Terdiam dan kaku tak daya kau ku lupa
Apapun kata mereka
Biarkan kenangan berbunga di ranting usia