Saturday, January 29, 2011

Of here and now

Someone I know quoted Oprah yesterday -

"I believe that there's almost no situation that I can't handle, and it is whatever it is. I can just sort of meld into whatever that moment is. I believe in staying present, staying now, dealing with that and not worrying about what is to come."

While there may be situations which I can't exactly handle, it's that third sentence that really caught my attention. I do tend to over-think things at times. ANALyze, if you will. And it's funny (read:tragic) how your mind keeps moving towards the bad side of things, when you think too much about it (and I should really know this already, I was taught NEVER to analyze, back in the direct selling days).

So now I'm reminded that I need to stay in the present. Stay here, and now. And do what's right, right now. And see how it goes from there to the next day, and then to the next, and then to the ..(well you get the idea).

And if it doesn't work, I'll analyze it some more. Oops! That's thinking about it eh? No,no.....I shall have none of that.

I suppose then it's a good thing that I can still tell right from wrong, good from bad.

Thanks to Chris for sharing the quote, when he did.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Of change and the human heart

Is it possible for one, being an adult, having shaped and formed life-long preferences and habits, to just one day change?

Can a control freak suddenly change and totally lose control?

Can someone so well-planned have a sudden change of heart and decide to go with the flow?

Can one who was always in control of one's emotion, needs and wants, gets hit with feelings of helplessness, uncertainty and constant anxiety?

Can one's mind just one day abandons logic and reasoning and gives way to the matter of the heart?

Can one's heart just do whatever it pleases?

Can it?

Is one not to have control over it?

Should one even try?

I love asking questions....... :P

Of the mind and the human heart

Our minds tell us what's logical, reasonable, what's right and what's wrong. It projects strings of courses and its probable consequences, giving us the knowledge of choices. The mind also picks best-of options and steer us towards it, remaining faithful to basic ideology of righteousness. A sound mind empowers us to create and innovate, deduce and multiply, correct and enhance, and it does so with black and white. Right and wrong. Logical and irrational. So as long as we stay sane, our minds keep us safe, right? Wrong.

Enters the human heart. The essence of being. More spiritual than science. More intuitive than logical. It rights the wrongs and wrongs the rights. And it does so with full conviction. If the mind operates based on objectivity, the heart, well, the thing is, there's no explaining the human heart. Nothing I found conclusive anyway. Except for one; It wants what it wants.

Hence the predicament; should we let our minds chart the course or should we allow our heart's intuition to steer us? The obvious answer to that would be to strike a balance between both.

But then again, that's pretty much the answer to everything isn't it?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Of coming, going and staying put.

Gosh, it's been more than half a year that I've neglected to pen down my thoughts in here. But then again it's not exactly out of character.

A lot has happened in the past 7 months. There was a 2-week London trip, more Bali trips, made new friends, attended some get-together, had a great family photo shoot for Aidilfitri and celebrated mom's bday with a trip to Universal Studio, Singapore among others. Hmm.....each of these events would have made a great blog post! Maybe I'll write about them later. But as much as I love travelling, I really do enjoy staying at home. I'd be on the couch, with the remote in hand, watching movies and cool TV shows like my current favorites - Fringe and Modern Family.

In a few hours, I'll be flying off to a place I've never been before, Bintulu, Sarawak for a week. From what I hear, people most often visit Bintulu for work and most of them are in the Oil and Gas Industry. Staying true to a cool routine, I'm going in conjunction of a hotel opening (read: work).

As always, I'll be scouting for the following: Great local food, best cinema the town has to offer and high quality dvds (yes, the gold disc, not the dvdr) :P

Too bad there's no Starbucks over in Bintulu.