Friday, January 7, 2011

Of change and the human heart

Is it possible for one, being an adult, having shaped and formed life-long preferences and habits, to just one day change?

Can a control freak suddenly change and totally lose control?

Can someone so well-planned have a sudden change of heart and decide to go with the flow?

Can one who was always in control of one's emotion, needs and wants, gets hit with feelings of helplessness, uncertainty and constant anxiety?

Can one's mind just one day abandons logic and reasoning and gives way to the matter of the heart?

Can one's heart just do whatever it pleases?

Can it?

Is one not to have control over it?

Should one even try?

I love asking questions....... :P


  1. u already know the answers. will u go swim into the ocean? or still wanna stick in the safe-bounded pool? then again, u already know the answer.

  2. That's just the thing. I have, for the most part,known the answer before this. but's different. It feels.......different. Something has changed. I'm kinda in the dark on this one.