Friday, February 4, 2011

Of old friends, road trip and Beyonce

Wa or Wawa or Salmah or Salwa

Fit or Nur

Hadi (sorry buddy, your nicknames are too fancy for print :P )

I had the chance to catch up with 3 ex-schoolmates today. We met at Pizza Hut (there are only 2 fast food outlets here in Kuala Kangsar, the other one being KFC). Yes, that's right, not even a McDonalds.

Something you should know about us (not just us 4, but for the whole school gang) is that we're loud. We've always been, and I doubt it'll change anytime soon. So, even though there were only 2 other tables occupied on the upper floor, I bet it sounded like the floor was full. Haha.

Many things came up during the chat but the one that took the cake must have been the one about some Datin who's so rich, she once bought a luxury handbag by cutting ahead of Beyonce in a queue (by doubling the amount of money the singer was paying for it). LOL! If you want details, ask Hadi, not me :)

At one point, Wa mentioned about a tasty Char Kuey Tiaw Doli in Taiping, so we changed Hadi's plan of going to Ipoh for a movie into a dinner road trip to Taiping instead. Fit couldn't go so it was just us 3 in Hadi's car, along the old road to Taiping (I still prefer the highway Hadi!).

When we finally got there, after a couple of wrong turns around Taman Tasik, we saw this written on the roller shutter - "We are open everyday except Friday". And of course today's Friday. Joy. Wa totally made up for it though, by introducing us to the infamous Yong Tau Foo Sotong Kangkong, located near the Doli place. It was awesome! Judging by the big crowd, I'd say this place is very popular. Highly recommended when you're in Taiping. It's near the Taman Tasik Bomba Station.

I'm thinking all future get-together should incorporate a food road trip!

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  1. Great Loud of everything. Fit's husband doesn't bother to join us because we are too crazy when we meet. LOL.